BJFE Up Close Pt 2/4 - Björn Juhl talks sound of fuzz guitar

Having Björn as a guest and clinician at Custom Sounds was one of the highlights of my professional life. This almost mystical person was finally back where the story had once started. I was a little worried he might blow us away by playing very loudly. Luckily, one of his main objectives is to achieve a larger-than-life guitar sound at small volume. Björn also spoke a lot about the importance of dynamics, while he introduced us to his newest creations. Björn’s not a man for reminiscing on glories past. Even though we had put a gleaming – and well-equipped – Mad Professor-pedalboard at his feet for the occasion, he didn’t even acknowledge its existence. Instead, he focussed solely on his three brand-new pedal effects: A fuzz, an octave-fuzz and a special pedal, named Model D.

6.2.2014 Kimmo Aroluoma
The author is one of Custom Sounds’ owners, and an incorrigible guitar and gear enthusiast.