BJFE Up Close Pt 3/4 - Björn Juhl talks Underdrive-pedal

Björn’s Underdrive-pedal really generated a lot of interest among the audience. Granted, he is known for creating legendary effects, but the idea behind this new pedal was as ingenious as it was simple. The Underdrive cleans up your overdriven/distorted tone in a similar way to turning down the volume control on your guitar. Actually, the pedal gives you a much better tone than touching the volume knob would. The pedal’s tone controls prevent the sound from getting brittle, if used, for example, in front of a fuzz-pedal. If you want to use a single-channel valve amp, but you need ultimate tonal flexibility and great clean sounds, the Underdrive is a real dream come true. If you hate having to fiddle with your volume control on stage, here’s the solution for you!

20.2.2014 Kimmo Aroluoma
The author is one of Custom Sounds’ owners, and an incorrigible guitar and gear enthusiast.