Custom Boards Parts II & III - Maintenance and Preparing

Custom Boards Part II - Maintenance 

There’s no point in using your old pedals on your new ‘board, if you don’t give them a once over first. Usually, all that’s needed is some cleaning and a little tightening of the jacks. Sometimes, though, you will have to put in a new switch. If there’s any possibility the old switch has reached the end of its life, you should swap it for a new one, even if the old switch is still functioning. I always try to minimise any possibility of equipment failure, which allows us to give you a lifetime warranty on all our pedalboards.

Custom Boards Part III - Preparing 

Before mounting any pedal, you have to take off any rubber feet (or similar), and give the casing’s baseplate a thorough cleaning. The pedal’s surface has to be really clean for the 3M Dual Lock-tape to stick reliably. Stick the tape to the pedal’s underside, but do leave the protective layer on the pedalboard-facing side on! Repeat this process for all the pedals you are going to use. I know, this phase is a bit of a drag, but it’s worth the effort. You can ease the pain with a nice cuppa, if you want.


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