Custom Boards Parts VI & VII - Patch Cables and Sound Check

Custom Boards Part VI - Patch Cables 

The making and installation of correctly sized patch cables is one of Custom Boards’ specialities. My years as a guitar tech have taught me how to make and wire up the patch cables on a pedalboard in the best possible way. The results should look neat and tidy, but the cabling must also withstand heavy touring. This phase takes up a lot of time, but it is worth the effort. I measure each and every patch cable’s resistance and capacitance to make sure everything is working properly.

Custom Boards Part VII - Sound check 

About halfway through is the best time for giving your ‘board its first test run. The pedals are put in their approximate positions, and the patch cables are hooked up, but nothing is being installed, yet. All pedals are powered according to plan. The main objective of this test run is to listen carefully (and critically) to the overall sound of the system, as well as to hunt for any noises (hiss, buzzes, and crackles). If I find a problem at this stage, I can still change the signal (or power) routing, or even swap a pedal for a different brand or type. We haven’t yet passed the point of no return.


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