Varre Vartiainen plays Compressor

Varre thinks it’s important that his videos convey not only the sounds the effects make, but that the viewer can also soak up the vibes and feelings the pedals created when he played them. In Varre’s opinion, most video reviewers only plonk away lazily on their guitars, without ever making any real music.

These pedals are featured in Varre’s video:

  • T-Rex Neocomp. A studio-style compressor, which is based on a Blackmer VCA. This isn’t your traditional Ross/MXR-clone!
  • T-Rex Replay BoxA small, clear-sounding digital delay, with stereo in- and outputs, and tap tempo. This might be the world’s most compact digi-delay with tap tempo.

  • T-Rex Creamer ReverbThree different reverb types in one T-Rex pedal – Spring, Room, and Hall.

16.1.2015 Kimmo Aroluoma
The author is one of Custom Sounds’ owners, and an incorrigible guitar and gear enthusiast.