Varre Vartiainen plays Octaver

A special feature of this video is Varre’s ability to coax strange and unusual sounds from these stompboxes. He tries to find new ways of using the effects, like building church organ type sounds from an octaver, a delay and a reverb pedal. 

These pedals are featured in Varre’s video:

  • T-Rex Quint Machine. A cool new pedal from T-Rex. It’s a polyphonic octaver with a built-in fifth-generator. The balance of the intervals can be adjusted. It’s easy to produce tasty organ-style sounds or to simulate a 12-string guitar. 
  • T-Rex Replay BoxA small, clear-sounding digital delay, with stereo in- and outputs, and tap tempo. Is this the world’s most compact digi-delay with tap tempo?

  • T-Rex Creamer ReverbThree different reverb types in one T-Rex pedal – Spring, Room, and Hall.

23.1.2015 Kimmo Aroluoma 
The author is one of Custom Sounds’ owners, and an incorrigible guitar and gear enthusiast.